The Way That Advertising Agencies Work

The economic prosperity and maturity of India has helped to give a shape to the world of advertising agencies in India. This has further helped in enabling the advertising agencies to reach a global standard. This business of advertising has become extremely serious with an estimated worth of Rs.13200 core, just in India. This implies that apart from the performance or quality of work, the amount of work has also increased. Only a decade back it had still been the typical fledgling industry which did exceptionally worldwide, even winning grand compliments. But the drifts towards technological advancements have made the common man free to reach for their own media at their convenient time.

The increased media fragmentation with the help of internet, television, cell phones and other devices has led to a patterned shift in the industry. This whole thing of real, and virtual world in the marketing and advertising agencies try to merge the old traditional form of storytelling and brand experience with the latest reality of consumer control. The advertising agencies create manage and share stories and brand experiences in a way that includes and engages rather than alienating and interrupting.

The advertising agencies provide various types of services. To name a few would be advertising for print ads, televisions, email marketing, radio promotions, working on web banners, creating websites, direct marketing, outdoor promotions, communications, tracking retail visibility, rural communications and designing inputs on packaging. Therefore, we can say that, in present times, advertising agencies offer a flurry of services from artwork development to content creation to radio jingles to checking the effectiveness of the ads. Not to forget the new invention of language and idioms to convey to the consumers belonging to all categories.

The people behind creating an advertisement form the heart of beak-promo such an agency. In recent times, many advertising agencies have their own art directors and copywriters who form and constitute the creative team. These creative teams may be their permanent employees or are able to be hired on a project wise basis. The creative departments often work with production studios or outside designing in order to implement and create more ideas. They form the most crucial part in the process of advertising.

The department of media services may be hidden, but they are ones who have contacts with various types of media and suppliers. The modern advertising agencies may also have a media planning department along with the media services in order to plan and place the spots. Next up is the production department. All the work of the art director and the copywriter is going to be meaningless, and their work is going to be nothing but pictures and words on paper if the production department is not there. It plays a major role in the advertising agencies. The production department is responsible for contracts of the external vendors. In some small advertising agencies, the employees may perform both kinds of work such as accounting and creative part. The larger agencies vary a bit by offering those who are specialist in their field of work and include many people in some specific, specialized positions.


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