Types of Paints and Their Uses

There are oil based and water based paints available in the market today. Although Oil paints are traditionally used in houses, environmental agencies have warned of their possible adverse health effects. As a result, water based colors are gaining greater popularity for home painting.

Painting a house is a difficult task. It requires imagination along with a rational understanding of the products used. Each room has a different usage. wk-gaihekitosou Apart from deciding the colors, one has to decide the kind of colors to be used. Currently, there persists to be a large variety in both water and oil paints. Enamel and emulsion paints, which are oil and water based respectively, are often used for both interior and exterior wall painting.

Among the water based products, there are different levels of gloss/sheen available. With the increase in sheen levels, there is also an increase in durability. But like everything, this too has a downside. The smooth finish, the easier it is to highlight the imperfections of a surface.

As a result, the eggshell and satin finish are applied in heavily used areas. They reach a midway mark between the matte and glossy finish, thereby consisting of the advantages of both. They are used especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. They are also easier to clean – a definite advantage in such spaces.

The matte finish is often more difficult to clean. But due to its ability to hide imperfections, it is greatly employed. While the acrylic paints matte finish is used on many walls, the acrylic eggshell and gloss finish are also applied to woodwork and trim.

Various primers are also available which are suitable for different surfaces depending on their location and texture. Primers are often used for woodwork (external and internal) as well as for ironwork. But depending on the wear and tear the surface might suffer, your choice of primer would vary.

After deciding the type, the color choice is very important. One has to be especially careful to avoid over coloring an area. This requires a great deal of balance and tact. Hence, the living room, bedrooms and kitchen paint colors are very important. The colors exude a mood. While bright colors can emanate happiness and activity, too much of it can cause a headache. Sober colors can be ideal for calmness and serenity, but an excess can also radiate dullness.

Hence, with the vast variety available today, one has to be all the more careful about their choice. The beauty lies often in the smart use of colors and textures. And therein, too, lies its elegance.

Should I shell out for the best? In my years of experience for interior painting a mid-level paint works just fine. I always plan on doing two coats. Even the best paints despite their claims do not cover in one coat, unless the color is the same or very close. I’ve heard of claims of one coat coverage and I always ask the person selling me the paint, “Do you guarantee one coat coverage?” The answer is always, “No.” So my advice to you is if money is no object go ahead and by the top of the line, however if your on a budget you can achieve great results with a mid-level paint and keep that extra money in your pocket.

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