Leveraging Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Imagine…you’ve been featured in a print article in your local business publication or even better, a national magazine like Oprah Magazine. How great is that! Getting press attention is one of the quickest ways to be seen as a credible expert and boost your business visibility. The exposure can be long lasting, if you don’t let it go unnoticed.

Here are a few tips to capitalize on your published article:

1. Post a link to the article on your website. Make sure you add a link to the article on your website. You can even add a page called “Media” or “Press” to your website so you can post links to all of your published articles,  instantfamez  press mentions and other media coverage. You also want to add your professional bio, professional photo and description of your company.

2. Make copies of the article. Make copies of the article and send it to your current and potential clients. Also, use the article in your press kit or hand out at networking events or trade shows. Your credibility is instantly boosted! Another idea is to send it to people of influence or potential joint venture partners.

3. Mention to media people when pitching other stories. If you have gotten some publicity elsewhere, perhaps from another magazine or newspaper, make sure to mention it. Your contacts may be even more interested in you if they know other media outlets have published your story. When pitching new reporters, let them know what coverage you have already gotten in the past.

4. Post the article on your website. If you are fortunate enough to get some media coverage, make sure you keep the clippings (or electronic media files) so that you can use them to promote yourself. If you had radio or television coverage, get copies of the audio MP3 files, DVDs and online video. You can easily post a link and a pdf file of the article in your online press room or web page.

5. Repurpose the article to use in your e-newsletter, blog, or social network. Your story makes a great piece to add to your e-newsletter. You can summarize the content of the article and then add a link to the actual article on your website or online press room. Write a posting to put on Facebook or a “tweet” for Twitter. You can even create sample “tweets” and Facebook postings and send them to your contacts with a similar target market, so you’ll have the added benefit of having others promote you.

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